Rim & Ride Twink Apolo Fernandez

Slim and inked twink Tim Gottfrid and gorgeously fit Apolo Fernandez make a perfect ByFun couple, and their appetites are most certainly matched. The boys are enjoying some sight seeing around the historic town, holding hands and taking selfies in front of the old churches and impressive buildings. That’s all nice of course, but the real enjoyment starts when the two get back to their rented room and their lips are quickly meeting. These boys certainly know how to end a lovely daytime date the right way, taking their loving embrace to the bed where their clothes are soon being pulled off and their uncut cocks are quickly throbbing up to stiff erections. Apolo enjoys the feast of tasty cock his hung young lover has for him, sucking and stroking his impressive length so pleasingly, but you know they can’t continue without Tim enjoying the same delicious treat and returning the favor. His oral skills extend beyond sucking his pal’s penis and with the boy’s pucker expertly slurped and rimmed he’s ready to plunder Apolo’s perfect hole. Buggered from behind young Apolo proves he can handle the biggest dicks, but he’s determined to show just how skilled he is by impaling his pucker down and taking a ride on his boyfriend’s lap while his own hooded dick swings and bounces around with delight. The final ramming with young Apolo on his back delivers the results they were hoping for. The boy gushes his cream over his tight and hairless abs before Tim is ready to pull out and jack off over his satisfied pal, spewing his own leaping mess of dick juice over the boy. That sure beats taking in the sights, no matter how beautiful the town is.



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