The Agony Of Blond Boy Mitch – Part 1

It’s fair to say that horny blond boy Mitch can endure a lot of agony and torment, but he’s up against dom top Sean for this long session and we know what he’s capable of! The fun starts out with a cock cage carefully applied, but quickly Sean is positioning the leashed young man for a good cock-gobble. Ever the obedient sub young Mich gets to work, his hands chained to his ankles. The boy gags and slurps on the dick, but even his skills won’t save him from the flogger. Sean slaps and whips him on the floor, taking a break only to drench the twink in hot piss. Poor Mitch works hard to service that meat and please his master but Sean still decides to humiliate him some more with some pics of the boys face in his puddle of piss!



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