Ready To Make A Change

Regardless of the stricter lifestyle, regardless of the meetings, the bottom line is that not one of these fucking losers is going to get better until they are ready to. They listen to no one – that change needs to come from within. Sure, we try to help, but we often find that the conventional methods don’t do much for them. Our unconventional ways, however, can usually cause a spark that ends up steering one in the right direction. It’s kind of like waking up in the gutter, only someone actually gets to benefit. The beneficiary, of course, are the House Managers, who are at least able to get their rocks off while showing these delinquents what fuck-ups they are. Case in point: Everything was a joke to this young man. Now, after a few rounds with some cock in his mouth and ass, he seems like he might want to change. The smirk has been wiped from his face, and he might just be ready to try to join the real world. The recovery process sure isn’t fun for him, but I kind of liked it.

His blowjobs are good, always, but I’d always wanted to crack into his tiny little butt, and the contraband in his pocket gave me the perfect excuse. He knew he was in trouble when I asked him to take of his underwear and turn around. I rubbed a little on his almost impenetrably tight cunt, and then asked him to rub on it and finger it. Well, it didn’t loosen up much with a finger, but that wasn’t a problem, because I had a rock hard cock for him. Upon getting my cock head in that tight ass, my only thought initially was to prevent it popping back out. With a little pressure and a lot of lube, I was able to deeply penetrate his boy pussy. At this point there was no smile on his face. He didn’t cry, though, so I give him props for that.

I had him ride my dick backwards and forwards, and to be honest, it was amazing. Those tiny little buttcheeks looked amazing with my dick smashed up in his hole, and every time he took a breathe his sphincter tightened around my throbbing dick. After a while, he was even able to manage a faster pace. I was surprised his legs didn’t wear out. He treated my cock good, and once I had loosened up his hole sufficiently, there was a nice red gape going on. I fucked him some more and then had the little bitch go ass to mouth on my dick. I told him to make me nut, and he readily complied. He was probably just happy the ordeal was about over. After I relieved myself into his mouth, he wallowed my nut and licked my cock clean. He must be getting better because of this experience – it’s the most effort he’s put out since the entire time he’s been in the house! I guess he’s finally ready to make a change.