Put Out Or Get Out

The worst part about living in the Boys Halfway House is a lack of privacy – including privacy for the House Manager. So, when a resident intrudes on a Manager’s space, it better be for a damn good reason. This jackass didn’t have a good reason, and the Manager was pissed. Of course, like all good instructional sessions, this one ended up with the resident’s asshole swollen.

He denied it at first, which made his situation even worse. Pretty soon the Manager’s fat cock was being stuffed into his mouth. As he was gagging, the Manager belittles him, making sure that he knows who is in charge. After a good deal of throat fucking and ball sucking, the resident is instructed to show his ass, and the real fun begins.

There isn’t enough lube in the world to make those first few strokes easy for this resident, and with each thrust, his groans become louder. However, after a while, he finally opens up and submits to a good old fashioned butt fuck. After getting fucked doggie, on his side, and on his back, the poor resident’s hole is swollen beyond belief, and it is ripe for a massive load of jizz. Well, at least he can stay in the House a while longer, and the House Manager has a new bitch who will please him whenever he likes. It’s definitely put out or get out at the House.