Tasting Daddy

I woke up from a nap and heard the water running in the shower. Mom was already at work, so I knew it had to be my stepdad, Alan. I’ve been secretly in love with him and always wondered what he looked like naked. I got up and peeked into the bathroom. Watching him rinse the soap off his body was hot, but he caught me looking, and I ran to my room. My stepdad came, sat on my dresser with his towel open, and asked if I wanted his cock. How could I say no? This was the moment I had been jerking off to, and it was finally happening. I took as much of it as I could. Then it was his turn to suck on my cock. It felt amazing, but not as good as when he fucked me. It hurt, but the pleasure overtook me, and I came with my stepdad over top of me and his load on my chest.