Neighborhood Secret, TAPE #14: Now Your Turn

I know that my son fantasizes about sucking my dick when he’s (supposed to be) busy at school. Marcus admitted as much the other night while we were cuddling in bed. But man, I can’t say he hasn’t done his sex-ed homework. He’s come up with some awesome and creative ways to perfectly stimulate all of the particularly sensitive places of my cock.

I had Marcus jump up onto the couch next to me so I could get access to that boy hole of his. My son’s sweet pink pucker momentarily stopped my breath. I honestly couldn’t believe how turned on I was by just the graze of my fingertips against my boy’s tiny hole. By the subsequent moans and groans that Marcus emitted around his tireless suctioning of my rod, I could tell that he was, too.

I never have to encourage my son to keep going. Truth is, if I let the little lad lick and lap at my schlong all day, he absolutely would. In fact, I was right on the verge of suggesting he do just that, but my own lust was running rampant. I needed that ass.

I stood up and asked my boy if I could fuck him. The look of sheer eager bliss on his face was all I needed to see to know exactly what he desired right then…


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