Jack Bailey & Jacob Acosta

Jacob Acosta gets Jack Bailey alone in the woods to stretch his hole out with his ginormous cock! Jacob has cleverly camouflaged the outdoor bed at Camp CockyBoys to make sure he and Jack get it all to themselves. Jack is touched by this and the attention Jacob gives him, seducing him with kisses and super-pleasurable cock-sucking, making Jack much more eager to service Jacob’s cock.

Sucking Jacob and taking a little face-fucking is a small challenge for Jack–compared to getting fucked by Jacob’s baseball bat. Jacob spit lubes Jack then with concentrated precision fucks him deep from behind and on his back. Jacob’s quietly serious fucking is in sharp contrast to the visual and vocal way Jack articulates getting plowed.

Finally though Jacob takes Jack sideways and opens him up to maximum pleasure so he can more easily ride him and take his upward thrusts. And, with Jacob buried deep inside him Jack shoots his load over Jacob who only needs a few more thrusts to pull out and cum between his cheeks. Jack is happily grateful Jacob got the bed so he could finally get the cock of his dreams.


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