Carter Collins & Harley Xavier

Harley Xavier returns to introduce his friend-with-benefits Carter Collins to CockyBoys for their first onscreen scene together! Carter shows who he is from the start by dominating Harley and getting him on his knees to lick and suck his balls and cock. And, as Harley says, “Whoever takes control gets the hole.”

Carter indeed works over Harley’s hole with his mouth and hands and takes ownership verbally and physically by pounding him relentlessly. With easy intensity Carter sex talks his way through fucking Harley from behind, on his back and making him ride his dick. And yet, Carter just as easily shows his passionate side kissing Harley, sucking him and trading sensuous blowjobs.

Just like that Carter turns back to relentlessly drilling Harley on his back until he cums over him. Maintaining control, Carter wants to see Harley cum and he gets his wish when the blond bottom shoots a volcanic geyser. When it comes down to it, they admit their first time won’t be the last time.


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