Carter, Greyson & in a Holiday Threesome!

Real-life boyfriends Carter Collins & Oliver Marks make Greyson Myles their bottom boy and they’re ALL so giddily excited for this three-way that one of them wants a round 2—even before they get started! Three-ways aren’t new to Carter & Oliver and a hot enhancement to their sex life, so Greyson fits in nicely–and he’s completely happy to be a part of it.

It’s not long after some group making out that Greyson is sucking Oliver’s thick dick while getting rimmed, probed and fucked by Carter. As they proceed, you’ll see Oliver and Carter aren’t about having a predictable three-way experience for themselves or Greyson as they share him, fill both ends with cock and dominate him.

All three guys have fun even as things get more intense towards the end when Carter and Oliver double-penetrate Greyson as he rides their cocks. Finally, Greyson shoots his load over Carter, then joins Oliver is sucking him to orgasm. Cum-hungry Greyson is still licking up Carter’s load when Oliver gives him a huge facial. And, as they share some cummy kisses and lie back quite satisfied, round 2 is suggested again!


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