Theo Brady & Trevor Brooks

Inscrutably versatile duo Theo Brady and Trevor Brooks finally get together for a special dynamic: PDT (passionate dom Theo) & PST (passionate sub-Trevor)! The passion comes right away as they kiss and Trevor virtually makes out with Theo’s cock. Theo’s dom side emerges as fingers Trevor, feeds him his cock, and feasts on his ass.

Theo, he takes control and flips Trevor on his back cock, teases his hole, and plows him with riveted attention. When Trevor asks though, Theo grants his permission to ride his cock every which way—and he still maintains his dom status watching Trevor fuck himself and take his thrusting cock.

Theo does take back full control, sucking and fucking Trevor any way he pleases with a fair degree of big dick energy and manhandling. When Theo again drills Trevor on his back, he’s totally focused on his sub and making him cum. Right after Trevor shoots his load, Theo blasts his over Trevor and over his hole. Theo slides his cock back in and lies on top of Trevor who truly is one contented sub.