Finn August & Hazel Hoffman Flip Fuck!

Super-cute and super-sexual couple Finn August & Hazel Hoffman introduce themselves in their debuts at CockyBoys with a hot flip-fuck! Their intense passion for each other is on display from the start when they kiss and Finn goes does on Hazel’s already hard cock and his bf fucks his throat with dominant energy.

As they make out again, Finn really wants to be fucked and Hazel is happy to oblige. He pounds Finn’s hole with vocal power top prowess—and Finn is almost gleeful about it, fucking himself on Hazel’s cock. And yet, Finn soon proclaims it’s his turn now and he flips Hazel on his back to eat his ass—which Hazel is totally into and spreads his cheeks for him.

Finn drills Hazel and while they’re both loving this, they’re so compatible that they can switch it up again seamlessly. Finn goes from fucking Hazel to feeding him his cock to sitting on his cock and joyfully riding him until he shoots his load all over him. Hazel soon pulls out and cums in his crack and Finn sits back on it to milk him. As they kiss again happily , we can guarantee you they’ll do this again and again before the day is done.