Double Dicking Zayne Bright

You can’t visit the ColbyKnox compound without getting a massage. In today’s webcam video, Zayne Bright is on his stomach. On the studio couch. Colby Chambers rubs Zayne’s backside. Mickey Knox, Colby’s boo, is in charge of everything else. “This is like my favorite thing,” Colby says. “To rub on the butt,” Mickey wonders. “You know what I’m talking about,” Colby jokes. “But, yes.” The husbands kiss over Zayne as they knead his skin. Colby finally lets his tongue do some work by licking Zayne’s hole. Zayne reaches up to stroke Mickey’s meat. Colby partly puts his bare dick head in Zayne’s tight opening. Mickey leans down to lick the shaft that isn’t inside Zayne. When Colby pulls out, his husband puts some lube on his man’s dick. “Just helping you out a little bit,” Mickey notes. “Yeah,” Colby replies. “It’s just part of the service.” Zayne opens his mouth, swallowing the dick in front of him. Both his holes are stuffed with man meat. Colby pulls him up, so Zayne is on all-fours. His cock sticks out as he’s used at both ends. The husbands switch sides. Mickey taking Zayne’s back. Colby the front. As a good host, Colby gets on his back to slurp Zayne’s rod. Mickey’s fucking tempo picks up. “This is so much fun,” he says to the audience. “How do you like that hole,” Zayne wonders. “It feels so good,” Mickey replies. Colby sits up but Zayne keeps his mouth on Colby’s wood. Zayne shows off his swallowing skills, taking Colby to the root. “I think I’m bringing out Mickey’s inner top,” Zayne observes. “It’s in there,” Colby answers. He returns to plowing Zayne. Colby puts Zayne on his back and reenters that moist hole. Mickey handles the camera, giving a perfect view of Colby’s johnson going in and out. He moans and reaches out to jerk off Mickey. Colby leans in, kissing Zayne as he stuffs him. We see Mickey’s hand come from off camera to fondle Colby’s big balls. He gets on his back, offering Zayne an opportunity to ride for a bit. Mickey gets back on the couch. He inches up to Zayne’s hole, slowly splitting the lad with his stiff cock. Zayne holds on to Colby as he’s double stuffed. “Oh, my God,” Mickey says. “Just taking it.” He eventually pulls out, amazed at what just happened.


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