Five Lucky Men

This ColbyKnox webcam video show is a long one. Over an hour! With five guys on the studio sofa! It starts with Kylan Kain on his knees. Myott Hunter and Jack Valor snack on his nipples. Colby Chambers slurps Kylan’s rod. Mickey Knox, Colby’s husband, nibbles on Kylan’s thigh. How can one man handle all of this pleasure? 🙂 Mickey wants a taste of Kylan’s meat. “Mine. I called dibs on it,” Colby teases. He gracefully lets Mickey have a turn, putting his attention on Kylan’s nuts. “It feels so good,” Kylan says. The lads switch up. This time Colby is the center of attention. Myott kisses his ear. Jack a nipple. Kylan and Mickey share his dick. Coby’s pits get layered with spit. “You can’t do that yet,” Colby explains to Mickey. His man wants to fill up Jack’s backside. “It’s Jack’s turn to be body worshipped,” Colby explains. Jack sexy bod is dutifully honored. From front to back. Mickey heads off camera to take care of some technical issues. Myott gets behind Colby, jerking him off. As for Jack he opens up, swallowing Kylan’s shaft. Poor Mickey. He’s being a diligent worker bee as everyone else has a sexy time. Myott gets on Colby’s knees. As Colby makes that ass apple red, with some slaps, Myott licks Jack’s hole. Jack’s mouth remains stuffed with Kylan’s cock. Jack gets on his knees so Kylan can eat him out. Myott does the same and Colby feasts on those sweet buns. As their holes are licked, Jack and Myott passionately kiss. Myott’s bum works its magic on Colby. He puts some spit on his dick and saddles up. Jack arches his back so Kylan can stuff his hole. “Oh, it’s so big,” Jack whispers. Colby takes a seat and Myott rides him. Mickey finally returns to the couch, sitting between the rutting pairs. Jack sucks Mickey’s shaft. Colby picks Myott up, for a few seconds, and puts him back on the sofa. On his back. Myott and Jack make out. Mickey’s meat sticks straight out. He’s holding it, trying to see where it can go. “What you trying to do,” Colby wonders. He shakes his booty, offering it to Mickey. He gets behind Colby, gently sliding his tool in the tight hole. Look at Colby’s expression as he’s penetrated. He’s the perfect middle of a “Colby sandwich.” Colby needs a break because he’s about to nut. He pulls out of Myott to make room for Mickey. Kylan keeps giving it to Jack. Colby’s break is a short one because he makes a “Kylan sandwich,” fucking that delectable ass as Kylan stays inside Jack. “Holy fuck,” Kylan yells.

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