Calvin Banks Fucks Zayne Bright

This sexy ColbyKnox scene starts with Zayne Bright and Calvin Banks passionately making out with each other on the bed. Zayne fondles Calvin’s hard cock through his underwear and starts to jerk him off while they continue to kiss. Calvin motions Zayne to come to the edge of the bed and suck his thick cock; Zayne happily accepts and gets to work. He bobs up and down on Calvin’s member. Calvin guides Zayne’s head back and forth, deeper and deeper, until Zayne is practically choking on it. They take a break from the blowjob and return to making out on the side of the bed. It’s only a few seconds before Calvin is back to fucking Zayne’s face and fingering his hole at the same time.
Calvin turns Zayne around to get more access to his tight hole, fingering and sucking on it, preparing it for what’s to cum. He switches from fingering to fucking Zayne’s tight ass, letting him get used to it. Wanting a bit more control, Zayne gets Calving to lay down on the bed so he can go for a ride on his joystick. The twink bounces up and down on Calvin’s cock over and over for a few minutes, moaning out the entire time.
The moment Zayne slows down, Calvin takes the opportunity to flip him over and fuck him sideways. Calvin then spends the next ten minutes fucking Zayne however he wants, until he can’t take it anymore. Calvin spills out his cum into Zayne’s ass and pulls his cock out. He fingers Zayne’s freshly fucked ass and watches his cum spurt out before using the cum to continue to finger Zayne. He continuously fingers Zayne’s hole until Zayne’s over the edge and cums all over himself as well as Calvin’s face and mouth. Fuck that was hot!


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