Jack Valor and Zayne Bright Flip-Fuck

Today’s ColbyKnox video is the first time Zayne Bright and Jack Valor have met. As cameraman Mickey Knox introduces them. Jack and Zayne are on their knees. Holding each other. In their underwear. “I can’t keep my hands off him,” Jack says. Lucky man! 🙂 Mickey lets the two lads go at it. First they kiss. Intensely. Zayne reaches into Jack’s briefs, stroking his johnson. Jack pulls out Zayne’s tool. “That feels so fucking good,” Jack whispers. Underwear are removed. Zayne remains on the bed, on his stomach. Jack offers up his tool and Zayne gratefully accepts the gift. He swallows to the balls as Jack leans down to play with his scene partner’s cute backside. “Fuck. Your hole is so tight,” Jack says. Zayne’s mouth is slippery and sweet. Just the way Jack wants it to be. It’s Jack’s turn to offer oral loving. Zayne returns to his knees and Jack on all-fours. He, like Zayne, gobbles to the balls. Zayne leans down, fingering Jack. Jack’s spit makes Zayne’s rod shiny and slick. Soon it’s time for Jack’s spit to make Zayne’s hole slippery. He gets on his hands and knees as Jack eats Zayne out. He puts his face right between Zayne’s butt cheeks. The tongue work is doing a good job, opening Zayne up. He straddles Jack, lowering himself on that beef. Jack grabs mounds of ass flesh, pounding upward. Zayne whimpers as his hole is wrecked. “Fuck. That hole is so tight,” Jack says. “You feel so good,” Zayne moans. He wants to switch positions so he puts his stomach on the bed with his backside pointing to Jack. He goes back inside of Zayne. Balls deep. That’s a lot of dick for such a tight opening but Zayne takes each inch. “Fuck that ass,” he mutters. It’s Jack’s turn to have his insides stuffed. He gets on his back and Zayne makes a meal out of that backside. All that eating makes his dick hungry for Jack’s ass. He shoves his johnson inside Jack, fucking him deeply. Jack spreads his legs to give Zayne easier access. Jack’s spot must be getting hit because his leg trembles. He holds on as Zayne fucks like a machine. Steady and deliberate. Zayne pulls out, shooting a drippy load on Jack. This causes Jack to shoot his own copious shot, leaving cum and sweat all over his stomach. After you have relaxed, and cleaned off, stay for the interview between the two studs. They talk about their recent travels and why a versatile life is the best. 🙂 Thanks for the scene Jack and Zayne!

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