Hot Receiver

It’s hard to believe Taylor Reign and Troye Jacobs have not done a ColbyKnox scene together. Today we correct that by putting the two studs in football jerseys, on the studio’s sofa. They begin with sensual kissing. Who knew football players were so romantic? 🙂 Taylor pulls down Troye’s shorts to cop a feel of some sweet cake. Troye frees Taylor’s tool from its confines. It stands at attention. After looking at it, Troye gives the meat oral love. He gets on his hands and knees, attempting to swallow to the balls. Gags before he reaches them, but Taylor appreciates the effort. Troye pulls his shorts down some more, offering a perfect view of his juicy backside. “That’s right,” Taylor says. “Show that ass off.” He gently face fucks Troye. “It tastes so good,” Troye whispers, coming up for air. “You like fucking my face,” he wonders. Taylor answers in the affirmative. He also would like to fuck Troye. Taylor makes Troye turn around. “Look at that fucking perfect hole,” Taylor whispers. “Play with it,” Troye begs. Taylor puts his tongue to work. “Eat that hole, baby,” Troye demands. Taylor’s spit gets the hole slick. “Get it nice and wet,” Troye moans. All that butt eating leads to the next course. “You ready for it,” Taylor wonders. Troye answers in the affirmative. “Show it off for me,” Taylor demands. Troye shakes his butt, giving Taylor a perfect landing strip. “I want your dick so bad,” Troye says. When Taylor puts the bloated head in, Troye bites his lip. His hole is stretched out. “Oh, my God,” he cries. “That dick feels so good.

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