Horniest Season

Today’s ColbyKnox video celebrates the holiday season. Site newcomer Drake Von brings home a Christmas tree. He and stud muffin Gabe Bradshaw decorate it with a big ol’ star and bright red balls. Gabe, always looking sexy, can’t hide his erection under his white one-piece. The two lads look at each other and interrupt the decorating session with some smooching. “So I was thinking,” Gabe says, playing with Drake’s chest. “Maybe I can give your present a little earlier.” “Yeah,” Drake replies. “Show me.” He takes a seat and Gabe hits his knees. He swallows Drake‚Äôs mighty meat, choking with effort. “Christmas came early,” Drake moans. “Get all that precum out.” Gabe’s mouth is stretched but he’s here for the challenge. “Such a fucking sloppy mess you are making,”

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