Jack Valor and Jordan Starr Fuckfest

This ColbyKnox webcam video starts with two questions: 1) How hard is Colby Chambers going to give it to Jack Valor and 2) What happened to Jack’s hair? The cutie remains as hot as ever but the long locks are gone. These questions aren’t really important to him, Colby, and Mickey Knox, whose rod is lovingly sucked by Jack. They are wondering how Colby’s cock has plumped beyond its normal size. “Baby. You are thick tonight,” Mickey notes. “I told him,” Jack replies, pulling off Mickey’s meat. “I don’t use a cock pump or anything,” Colby says. Could it be Jack’s mounds of ass are working their magic? Colby works his thick tool inside of Jack, slapping one of those cheeks. “Turn it nice and red,” Mickey instructs. Jack comes up for air and he and Mickey kiss. Jack is stuffed in the back and front. Colby leaves the studio sofa, giving his husband a chance to fill Jack’s tight little ass. Mickey puts spit on his bare shaft. He slowly plunges. Once in, Mickey fucks to the balls. Jack wants it all. Colby returns to have his shaft sucked by Jack. Colby fucks Jack’s face. Mickey fucks his butt. “Drive your dick in there,” Colby suggests. As this is going on, Jordan Starr joins the trio. He gets on the studio couch to be serviced by Mickey and Jack. Apparently, Jordan and Mickey have not been able to frolic. Mickey stands on the sofa so he can get a chance to use Jordan’s mouth. Colby reenters Jack, making sure Jack gets as much of Jordan’s shaft in his mouth. Colby is giving it hard and fast to Jack. Colby turns Jack on his back so he can drill deeper. Jordan fills Jack’s mouth with his shaft. Mickey eats Jordan out. Jack gets on his knees. As he and Jordan make out, both studs are pounded by Mickey and Colby. Mickey does Jordan. Colby remains with Jack. Jordan gets on his back, pointing his hole in Mickey’s direction. Jack rides Colby. Jordan pulls his knees to his chest as Mickey fucks him.

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