Drake and Jack

Last time we saw Drake Von, here at ColbyKnox.com, he was unwrapping his mighty member as a Christmas gift. The holidays are done but Drake is back. This week’s update video is technically his first with us; he’s paired with the always dependable, and hot, Jack Valor. The studs start kissing and feeling each other up. Jack reaches down to see what Drake is packing. “I can feel it,” Jack says. “It’s so big.” “Fuck,” Drake replies. “Your lips are so nice.” The lads strip to their skivvies, returning to the kissing session. “Suck my cock,” Drake orders. “Hell, yeah,” Jack replies. Drake gets on his back and Jack puts his lips on Drake’s tool. “Oh, my God,” Jack whispers. “It’s so big.” He looks into the camera, his mouth stretched. “Suck it like a lollipop,” Drake demands. He starts to face fuck. Jack can barely reach the base of the monster. “Keep sucking that dick,” Drake says. Jack comes up for air. “No breathing,” Drake instructs. “Keep sucking it.” He grabs Jack’s hair, forcing his shaft in that warm mouth. Drake leans over, smacking Jack’s bouncy cheeks. “I want you fucking so bad,” Jack whispers. “I want to fuck that tight fucking pussy hole,” Drake replies. If a pussy hole is going to get fucked it must be eaten.

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