Jordan Starr DOMINATES Jack Valor

Jack Valor and Jordan Starr in their underwear, on the studio sofa, making out. “You going to be a good boy for me tonight,” Jordan asks. “Yeah. I am,” Jack whispers. Jordan gets on his knees. Jack on all-fours, pulling out Jack’s juicy johnson. “That’s a good view,” Jordan says, leaning over to play with Jack’s man hole. “Look at me when you suck it. Let me see those pretty eyes.” “It’s so big,” Jack gasps, coming up for air. As he chokes, Jordan plays with Jack’s butt. “Turn around so I can eat that ass,” Jordan instructs. When he turns around, Jack gets rid of the jockstrap. Jordan laps and fingers Jack’s backside. “I’m going to open it up good,” Jordan explains. “Get me stretched for you,” Jack wonders. “Whose hole is this,” Jordan inquires. “It’s your hole, sir,” Jack murmurs. Jordan’s tool leaks for that hole. He spits on “his” hole, making Jack beg. After making sure Jack really wants it, Jordan slowly enters “his” booty canal. Jack gets used to the raw tool inside of him. He works his ass back, giving Jordan an early pit stop. However, Jack isn’t fully filled. Jordan grabs Jack’s hips and pushes to the balls. “Take it all,” he demands. “Open up.” “Fuck. It’s so thick,” Jack moans. It is and Jordan makes sure each inch is felt. “Pound me,” Jack begs. Jordan is a cooperative top, giving Jack everything he wants. And needs. The pounding tempo picks up. Each stroke is still to the balls. The studs change positions. Jordan takes a seat; Jack straddles him, placing the tip of the dick at his ass’ portal. He slowly squats. “Show me how much you like it,” Jordan says. Jack goes up and down. “You like that dick, huh.” Jordan wonders. “Oh, I love it,” Jack exclaims.

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