Colby and Mickey go to Vegas

When the year started, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox visited Las Vegas
for the GayVN Awards. They were able to see old friends, make new ones,
and win “Favorite Camming Couple.” This week’s update begins with
a montage of the couple enjoying Sin City’s spectacles. How many
ColbyKnox performers do you recognize? Naming the hot husbands is
cheating. 🙂 The video opening comes to an end. Colby and Mickey are in
a hotel bathtub, filled with bubbles. They eagerly kiss. Mickey strokes
his man’s big ol’ tool. Colby reaches back, massaging Mickey’s
rump. “Spread those sudsy cheeks,” Colby says. “You are so
hard,” Mickey replies. “You have such a nice fucking cock.”
There’s more making out. Colby gets on the tub’s edge, his dick
pointing up. His man opens his mouth, swallowing to the root. “It
feels so good,” Colby whispers. He grabs the back of Mickey’s head,
guiding him. When it comes to Colby’s cock, Mickey doesn’t need any


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