Drake Von Works Out Troye Jacobs

Mickey Knox gets to watch a special show. He walks to the compound’s gym. When he gets to the door he sees, through a window, Drake Von and Troye Jacobs going at it. Instead of interrupting their sex session, Mickey enjoys the show. Troye is on a bench, shorts pulled past his rump, sucking Drake’s dong. He’s naked, standing up. ”Feast on that cock,” Drake orders before face fucking Troye. “Your mouth is so fucking warm.” Troye gags and gurgles as he tries to swallow everything he can. “Suck that cock like it’s a fucking popsicle on a summer day,” Drake demands. “You’re so dirty.” “Fuck,” Troye replies. “I love that big dick.” He wants his ass eaten and Drake obliges by placing himself behind Troye. “Oh, yeah,” he whispers. “Lick that hole. Your tongue feels so fucking good on my hole.” Drake loves what he’s munching on. “Tastes like a pumpkin pie,” he observes. Troye wants his “pie” stuffed. “Get that ass nice and wet for your dick,” he moans. “I’ll use my spit as lube,” Drake explains. He nibbles on Troye’s butt cheeks, fingering the slick hole. Troye needs something bigger than a finger. “I want that dick,” he says. Drake stands up and works his hefty, and bare, hammer inside. Troye grips the bench, getting used to Drake’s size. As for Drake, he puts his hands on Troye’s lower back and pummels away. Troye’s eyes roll back when a stroke hits his special spot. “It’s so fucking big,” he whimpers. He wants to ride the meat stick. The hotties move to another bench. Drake gets on his back and Troye straddles him. Once back inside, Drake resumes the pounding. “Fuck that hole,” Troye begs.



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