Meet Jack Waters

Let’s give a ColbyKnox hello to Jack Waters. In today’s update, the gay porn newbie is paired with Colby Chambers. Both are in black underwear, kissing like there’s no tomorrow. “You’re so fucking hot,” Colby says before nibbling Jack’s chest. They take off their undies. Jack gets on his hands and knees, giving Colby an opportunity to dive into the newbie’s hole. He massages Jack’s cheeks as he eats him out. “Like it when I lick that hairy hole,” Colby wonders. Jack’s sexy grin is the best response. “That ass deserves to be worshiped,” Colby observes. “It’s so nice.” He spits in the hole and teases Jack by swirling his bloated head around the opening. “I just want to play with it all afternoon,” Colby jokes. “I’m free,” Jack replies. When he flips over, Jack’s dick is ready to play. Colby pays attention to the cum heavy nuts. Then he swallows Jack’s shaft. “It feels so good,” Jack whispers. Colby folds Jack in half so he can get back to eating him out. “Get in there,” Jack moans. His sexy legs are eventually pulled up to his chest. “So you said you’re a sensitive bottom,” Colby asks as he returns to teasing Jack’s hole. “I’m good with sensitive bottoms.” After lubing up, Colby slowly works his bare tool inside. “You feel it throb in you,” Colby wonders.


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