The Boatboy Buttfuck

Approximately a month ago Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox went on a Big Gay Cruise to Mexico. This week’s release is plot video based on those days of ocean fun. Mickey Knox returns to his cabin as boat boy Jack Valor is cleaning up. “I hate that you just made the bed,” Mickey says. “I’ve ben drinking in the sun all day. I’m just going to crash out. Is that cool?” Jack, looking sexier than usual in a cruise uniform, is amendable. “No problem,” he replies. “That’s what I’m here for.” When Mickey flops on the bed his tasty ass cheeks are barely contained by his shorts. Jack notices, licking his lips with a subtle swipe. “Are you just starting your shift,” Mickey wonders. “This is actually my last room,” Jack replies. “I’m just about to go on break.” “I have the room to myself,” Mickey explains. “Want to hang out with me for a little while?” “That sounds fun,” Jack answers, reaching for Mickey’s tanned legs and back. He pulls down Mickey’s gray shorts, caressing that juicy butt. “I think I’m going to stay for a while,” Jack jokes. As Mickey turns around, to get on his stomach, Jack unbuckles his belt. “So how long have you worked here,” Mickey wonders. “This is my first cruise,” Jack says. “I’ve been in the service industry for awhile but I got fired at the last hotel I worked at.” “What did you do,” Mickey wonders. “Messing around with some customers,” Jack says, grinning about the memory. “Hopefully I won’t get you fired from this job,” Mickey responds, opening his mouth to swallow Jack’s rod. He gently face fucks Mickey. “I gotta admit I’ve seen you in the hallways once or twice,” Mickey explains, coming up for air. “I think you’re so fucking hot.” “I made sure to clean this room last for a reason,” Jack counters. Strategy wins out! Always! 🙂 He wants a chance to eat Mickey out. So Mickey turns around again and Jack spreads those plump cheeks. His tongue licks at the opening, getting Mickey’s hole slippery with spit. “This is like the best vacation ever,” Mickey exclaims. “Your cruise is a lot of fun,” Jack notes. His tongue’s handiwork causes Mickey to moan and squirm. “Spank me some,” he pleads. “I like getting spanked.” Jack likes to fuck. He stands up, his johnson curves to the ceiling. “Put that cock in me,” Mickey whispers.



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