Pair of Jacks

This ColbyKnox webcam video has a pair of Jacks: Jack Bailey and Jack Valor. They are on the studio’s sofa with Colby Chambers. Jack B. slurps on Colby’s cock. As for Jack V., his rod is attended to by Colby. Colby has a question for Jack B. “Want him to fuck you?” Jack B. likes this proposal. As the three lads get situated, Mickey Knox comes into the room. He adjusts the camera, making sure it catches all of the action. “Let me see that butt real quick,” Colby says to Jack B. He gets on his back, pulling his legs to his chest. Colby buries his face in Jack B’s hole. Mickey joins the trio, kissing up a storm with Jack V. “Let me see that ass,” Mickey asks. Jack V. gets on his knees and Mickey dives right between those perky cheeks. As for Colby and Jack B., Colby smears lube on his shaft and Jack’s ass portal. Colby gradually works his way inside. “You all got right to it,” Mickey observes. “We thought it was just a rim job over here,” Colby replies. Mickey saddles up behind his Jack. Like his husband, Mickey takes his time getting into Jack V. The husbands fuck the Jacks. Nice, steady, and to the balls. Jack V. leans forward, giving Jack B. a chance to swallow his johnson. The husbands switch Jacks. Mickey gives it to Jack B., who gets on his hands and knees. Jack V., facing the camera, rides Colby. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby says. “I can feel your dick hitting my nuts.” Jack V’s rod is engorged, hitting his stomach and Colby’s balls. “Fuck. That feels so good,” Jack B. whispers as Mickey stuffs him like a holiday bird. The boys change up again. This time there’s no Jack switch. 🙂 Jack B.’s back is to the camera as he rides Mickey. Colby continues to pummel Jack V. but now he’s on his hands and knees. Mickey takes a handful of ass as Jack B. rides. Colby puts his hand in Jack’s arch, hammering away. Colby and Mickey need a water break. Who can blame them? 🙂 When the action restarts, both Jacks are on their hands and knees. Mickey slurps his Jack’s hole. Husband Colby returns to fucking his Jack. “I’m going to come,” Colby notes to Mickey


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