The Treadmill Temptation

Oliver Marks knows what he is doing. 🙂 The stud walks, naked, on a treadmill in the ColbyKnox studio’s gym. His delicious butt cheeks jiggle in Jordan Starr’s direction. Jordan is lifting weights. Or trying to. Oliver offers Jordan a sexy smile. That’s all the encouragement he needs. He interrupts his workout to stroke his meat. He gives his large member a shake before walking over to Oliver. He places a hand on one tasty cheek. Oliver turns off the treadmill and the hotties kiss. After breaking the embrace, Jordan gets on his knees. Oliver turns around, sticking his prime rump out. Jordan takes a bite before licking Oliver’s hole. “Such a good ass,” Jordan mumbles. Oliver’s moans echo in the gym. He pulls his cheeks apart so Jordan’s tongue can have full access. “Fucking spread my cheeks,” Oliver begs. “You like that,” Jordan wonders. “Fuck, yeah,” Oliver replies. As he lathers Oliver’s hole with spit, Jordan shakes the mounds of booty. “I just love playing with it,” he explains. Jordan stands up, leaving kisses on Oliver’s back. He turns around and they smooch some more. Jordan takes off his tank top. Then Oliver hits his knees. Jordan’s johnson stands at attention, ready for a warm mouth. Oliver works his magic the moment Jordan loses his shorts. “Choke on it,” Jordan encourages. Considering his tool’s size, Oliver can’t help but gag. 🙂 He makes certain Jordan’s cum heavy nuts get attention also. Spit lands on Jordan’s shaft and Oliver’s chest. “Fuck, yeah,” Jordan says. “Get it nice and wet.” Oliver looks up, gagging on all that meat. “You like choking on that cock,” Jordan asks. “Yes, sir,” Oliver whispers with a satisfied smile. “Fuck. You’re so fucking big.” After stroking Jordan a few times, Oliver murmurs what he’s been waiting for. “I want you up my ass.” He gets back on the treadmill, coating Jordan’s dick with lube. Let’s give Jordan credit. He’s no brutal top. He takes his time working inside Oliver. And this is a good thing because Oliver’s hole is stretched to the max. “Want to go for a little walk,” he asks. He turns the machine on, slowly strolling with Jordan inside him. With each step, Oliver’s dick gets bigger. “Fucking pound me,” he hisses, turning the machine off. Jordan gladly takes control, grabbing Oliver’s hips. Each stroke to the balls. “Oh, God,” Oliver whimpers. “You’re so deep.”


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