Meet Shapey

Say hello to Shapey Shaperson. ColbyKnox is very happy to be releasing his first studio porn scene. He’s paired with Mickey Knox, who is “super excited” about having some fun time with the newbie. Who can blame him? 🙂 Mickey and Shapey are sitting next to each other. On the sofa. They start with gentle kissing. Shapey removes his shirt. Mickey loses his shorts. He leans in to taste one of Shapey’s nipples. The newbie gets naked. “Such a nice cock,” Mickey whispers, stroking Shapey’s tool. Mickey tosses away his clothes and the two get on their knees. Kissing down Shapey’s torso, Mickey reaches his rod. He starts to suck, gently cupping the balls. “Suck that dick,” Shapey moans, guiding Mickey’s head to his shaft. He gags on Shapey’s meat. “It’s such a fucking beautiful cock,” Mickey says with his trademark grin. “You suck that dick so good,” Shapey exclaims. The studs 69, with Mickey on the bottom. He smacks Shapey’s ass as his mouth is filled with Shapey’s johnson. Shapey pays attention to the tip of Mickey’s dick. He fucks Shapey’s throat. “Fuck, yes,” Mickey moans. “It feels so good. Suck on my cock.” He has a question for Shapey. “You ready to fuck me,” Mickey wonders. “Oh, yeah,” Shapey replies. The two stand up with Mickey lubing Shapey’s shaft. He sits on the couch and Mickey sits on that hard cock. “Fuck, yeah,” Shapey says. “Ride that dick.”


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