Drake Von Fucks Colby Chambers

Colby Chambers and Drake Von lounge on the ColbyKnox bed, looking hot and sexy in underwear. Mickey Knox handles the camera, setting up the plot for this week’s update, “A little birdie told me that Colby is going to take your big fat cock today,” Mickey explains. “How you feeling about that?” Colby turns philosophical. 🙂 “As a producer with standards, it was the only way for me to actually get my hands on his ass,” Colby says. “I guess I’m going to take one for the team today. Grab that sweet ass as he destroys mine.” Mickey’s man has always been a team player. 🙂 Drake, who has had a wide grin during this introduction, strokes his tool. The two studs lean to kiss. Colby nibbles on a nipple. His hand is on Drake’s crotch. He’s the first to get naked. Colby gets eye level with Drake’s slab of beef. “It’s a beautiful dick,” Colby notes. “It’s just a little intimidating.” “Give it a taste,” Drake suggests. Colby does, paying attention to the shaft. “It’s just so fucking big,” Colby remarks, coming up for air. Drake gets on his back. Colby on top; his boy hole right in Drake’s face. “Look at that ass,” Drake whispers….


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