Show Us Your Hole Jesse Stone!

ColbyKnox starts 2024 (Happy New Year’s, you all!) with a webcam video starring Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, and Jesse Stone. The naked studs sit on a sofa; the husbands are on either side of Jesse, kissing his flexed biceps. “Those arms,” Colby says. “More flexing. Make them harder.” Colby and Jesse have a “hole off,” showing their backsides to the audience. Soon it’s time for the “worship Mickey” portion of the video. He gets on his knees. Between his man and Jesse. He and Mickey smooch. Colby sniffs his boo’s armpit. Jesse leans down, swallowing Mickey’s beef. He stands up, showing his hole to the camera. Jesse smacks the cheeks, causing them to jiggle. An audience member wants Jesse to pick someone to get spanked. He chooses Colby. “Why is it me,” Colby wonders. “Because,” Jesse replies. “What the fuck,” Colby exclaims. “I don’t want to get spanked.” He submits to his “fate,” pointing his tender cheeks toward the camera. “Have to warm my hands up,” Mickey jokes, rubbing his hands together. Jesse administers minor blows. “Not too hard,” Colby insists. “I arrange your flights.” 🙂 Mickey also adds some whacks. There are a few handprints on Colby’s cake. Mickey kisses both cheeks. “You feel better,” he asks. “So much better,” Colby retorts. The “happy couple”, as Jesse calls the husbands, make out. It’s time for Jesse to be spanked. That’s what the audience wants. 🙂 “Kindly present your big, plump, alabaster butt cheeks,” Colby demands. “And husband and I will beat them.” Jesse shakes his “big, plump, alabaster” booty before bending over. It doesn’t take long for Jesse’s cheeks to be red. Mickey is next. “It’s your turn for the abuse,” Colby jokes. Mickey’s backside is smacked a few times. He goes off screen for a bathroom break. This gives Jesse an opportunity to suck Colby’s cock. When Mickey returns he has a plan. He separates his man and Jesse. Then he kneels in front of them, stroking their staffs. As he jerks his man off, Mickey sucks Jesse’s johnson. He pulls away from Jesse to offer his warm mouth to Colby’s rod. Micky’s tongue magic alternates between the two. “Can I sit on it,” Mickey asks Jesse..


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