Sucking Feet and Slapping Ass

Strap in, girls and boys! This week’s ColbyKnox webcam video is a little over an hour long! The sexy fun begins with an ass eating train. On the studio sofa, Finn August’s backside is eaten by Taylor Reign. His booty gets licked by Colby Chambers. Mickey Knox works the camera. There’s a realignment. Taylor and Finn point their rumps in the camera’s direction. Husbands Colby and Mickey put their faces between butt cheeks. Mickey licking Finn’s hole. Colby handling Taylor’s. Finn and Taylor make out; the husbands swap booties. Ass meat is spanked between licks. As Colby heads off camera, for a bathroom break, an audience member suggests Taylor picks who gets spanked. Taylor chooses Mickey. He dutifully pulls his shorts down, kneeling between the two house guests. Mickey requests a “friendly spanking.” The boys are gentle. Taylor laps Mickey’s boy hole. Finn strokes his thigh. Colby returns. He’s not impressed with the butt whacks. He shows how it’s done. “You at least have to make his cheeks red,” Colby instructs. “Come on guys.” Another member of the audience wants Finn to pick someone for a spanking. “Colby,” Finn announces with a devilish grin. Colby, resigned to his fate, pulls down his shorts. All three play with Colby’s cake. His cheeks turn a slight red. Like they are blushing from a dirty joke. 🙂 He shows his backside to the audience. The boys move to worshipping feet. Finn wants to be first. He gets on the floor, legs extended. Taylor and Mickey share one foot. Colby has the other. “I’ve never had my feet sucked this much,” Finn says. Taylor has an opportunity to be the center of attention. He sits on top of the sofa. Mickey on one side; Finn the other; Colby kneels in front. Finn nibbles on Taylor’s chest and stomach. Mickey nuzzles his neck. Colby caresses a thigh. Colby’s red butt is tendered to. Taylor and Finn gently massage and kiss it. Mickey smooches his man’s back. Attention is turned to Colby’s cock. Taylor gets under him, swallowing the plump tool. Finn’s mouth handles the shaft. Mickey does shaft work also. Colby offers a little direction so the audience can see his meat. Taylor stays with the balls. Mickey the tip. And Finn the side. Taylor takes a break; Mickey and Finn slobber all over Colby’s johnson.



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