Rub A Dub Sub

Baths are the best! They are even better when sharing a tub with someone. 🙂 In this ColbyKnox gay porn update, Mickey Knox and newbie Ethan Adams play Rub-a-dub-dub in the tub. They sit in front of each other, kissing. The twinky “newcummer” grabs Mickey’s meat. Mickey snacks on Ethan’s nipple. “You got me so hard,” Ethan observes as Mickey toys with his cock. Mickey sits on the edge of the tub, giving Ethan a chance to blow him. “That feels really fucking good,” Mickey whispers after Ethan gags. “It better,” he jokes with a chin slick with drool. His wet tongue licks Mickey’s nuts. Ethan takes a break so Mickey can lick his hole. “Your tongue feels so nice,” Ethan notes. “That’s such a beautiful hole,” Mickey replies, diving in for more munching. Ethan pushes his backside into Mickey’s face. “Make me eat it,” he says. As he rims, Mickey smacks the pale cheeks. “Wow. You really want it, huh,” Ethan observes. “I fucking love eating ass,” Mickey answers. All that rimming means Ethan’s booty will be busted. Mickey gets on his back and Ethan straddles him. He guides Mickey’s raw tool inside his sweet, tight hole. “Fuck. You’re so hot,” Mickey moans as Ethan goes up and down..


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