Early to Rise

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to discover Brandon Blaze in the kitchen? The site’s “newcummer” looks smoking hot in an apron. And he washes dishes! In this week’s ColbyKnox gay porn video, Colby Chambers walks into the kitchen (wearing a bathrobe) and there’s Brandon. “Early riser and doing dishes,” Colby says, pulling up a stool. “I’m usually the only one awake in the morning.” Brandon smiles but keeps cleaning. “You have very good manners,” Colby notes (another reason to fall for Brandon…smile). “Can I get you some coffee,” Colby wonders. Brandon slowly shakes his luscious rump. “Or some more dick,” Colby adds. “Something to perk you up a little, maybe?” Brandon declines the java but accepts dick. He puts down a dish, kissing Colby. They passionately, and slowly, mash their lips together. “Unwrap you,” Colby notes, removing Brandon’s apron. Colby, who remains seated, grabs Brandon’s buns, kneading the flesh. He removes Brandon’s robe, and guides him to his knees. He licks the tip first. Then Brandon swallows to the base. Drool drips from his open mouth as Colby face fucks him. “It’s so big,” Brandon observes, coming up for a breather. “This is the best way to wake up in the morning,” Colby exclaims. Brandon looks up, nodding in agreement. He swipes at Colby’s sensitive nuts. “It’s some good fucking breakfast,” Brandon says. Colby pulls him up, placing a kiss on Brandon’s wet lips. Then Brandon leans on the sink, sticking out that ass. Colby moves behind him, eating the hole. “Fuck, yeah,” Brandon moans. “That’s so nice. Your tongue is so good.” As he eats Brandon out, Colby pulls on Brandon’s joystick. Colby briefly stops rimming to smack Brandon’s cheeks. “Lick that fucking hole,” Brandon pleads. Colby spreads the cheeks so his tongue can go as deep as possible. “That’s so good,” Brandon groans. He shakes his booty in Colby’s face. “You like it,” he wonders. Colby offers a muffled affirmative. 🙂 “Hairy thighs,” Colby observes, stroking Brandon’s upper legs. “Goddamn you’re sexy.” “It’s all for you,” Brandon replies. “Say that again,” Colby demands. “It’s all for you,” Brandon cries out. That’s all the encouragement Colby needs. He stands up and places the tip of his rod at the opening. “I want the big fucking cock,” Brandon moans. “You going to let me fuck you,” Colby wonders. “Please. Fuck me,” Brandon begs. Colby slowly pushes in. “Spread those cheeks and take my cock,” he commands.


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