Crank My Shaft

We don’t know whose butt crack opens this week’s ColbyKnox video. However, it looks yummy and tempting. Soon we discover the crack belongs to Benvi. He’s in the garage, in torn jeans, shirtless, fixing a riding lawn mower. Drake Von ambles in. He’s a bit surprised because he’s looking for someone else. “Is there something I can help you with,” Benvi wonders. Drake is a bit peeved, but Benvi tells him not to worry. “I can help you out if you like,” he says. “I don’t know if you’re up for it,” Drake replies. Who doesn’t love a big dicked stud more when he offers a fair warning? 🙂 Benvi is ready for the challenge, standing up and reaching for Drake’s tool. The two boys kiss. When Drake pulls down his sweatpants, his big ol’ nasty thang stands at attention. Benvi hits his knees and sucks. “Use that fucking hand,” Drake instructs. He sits on the machine and Drake’s tongue laps up the meat. He chokes when Drake face fucks; drool falls from Benvi’s mouth. His eyes turn red from the effort but he lets Drake stuff his gullet. He leans down to spank Benvi’s butt. “I can’t wait to get into that fucking ass,” Drake says. Benvi stands up and leans against the machine. Drake gets behind him, pulling Benvi’s jeans right below his butt cheeks. That ass crack is fully exposed and Drake dives in. “Fucking eat that ass,” Benvi pleads..


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Drake Von