Drake Von Stretches Out Jordan Starr

It’s been said before, and it needs to be repeated. When a model’s dick sticks straight out as a video starts, things are going to be hot. In today’s ColbyKnox gay porn update, Drake Von and Jordan Starr are on the studio’s bed. Both look very sexy in briefs. Husbands Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, who are off camera, quickly introduce their studly house guests. Drake’s hefty tool peeks through his underwear. The boys start everything with kisses. Drake reaches around, grabbing two scoops of bountiful backside. Drake’s tool needs to be sucked and Jordan is here for the job. He gets on his hands and knees, swallowing the rod. It doesn’t go all the way down Jordan’s throat, but Drake enjoys the effort. “That’s so fucking good,” he whispers. “Suck that dick.” Drake face fucks. “You like that,” Jordan asks. “I fucking love it” Drake responds. “It’s fucking good.” He’s also impressed with his scene partner’s booty. He reaches down to smack, and massage, the buns. “Can I taste your ass,” Drake wonders. Jordan murmurs approval. He takes off his underwear and points his cake in Drake’s face. After spitting on the hole, Drake starts to eat. “Fuck,” Jordan whispers. “That feels so good.” “It tastes so good too,” Drake replies. He digs deep, making sure Jordan’s opening is sopping wet. “Get it nice and ready for your dick,” Jordan pleads. Soon enough, it’s time for him to be filled. “You want that fucking dick in you,” Drake asks. “Oh, God yeah,” Jordan replies


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