Troy gets Covered in Cum

Young studs, Troy and Louis, have the pleasure of meeting today and getting to know each other’s bodies very well in the bedroom. Troy explores Louis tanned and toned body, feeling his six pack and bulge as Louis returns the favour and massages Troy’s bulge through his loose shorts. Troy soon has a rock-hard erection and both lads are wanking each other’s uncut cock side-by-side. Louis has never wanked an Irish cock before and is soon learning what a naughty Irish man is like! Louis and Troy experiment wanking with two cocks in one hand – and judging by the amount of pre cum the boys are liking it! I get some nice close-ups of the boy’s feet as they wank comfy on the bed. To climax, Louis gets back on top of Troy and wanks both their cocks until he squirts a massive load all over Troy’s body, followed shortly by Troy’s cock unloading everywhere! The boys enjoy washing each other clean in the shower to end.


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