Crush EP9 Upheaval

Bastien is impatient for Sam’s return so that they can resume rehearsals before their first concert, but Enzo reveals to Bastien, with supporting evidence, that Sam is cheating on Sacha and that the group’s future is therefore compromised by their possible breakup.

Sacha is expecting the imminent return of his boyfriend and although he has succumbed to the advances of his ex Nathan, he seems determined to open up his relationship with Sam and even to form a throuple to finally put an end to their recurring jealousy problems.

After having succeeded in winning back his ex Sacha and having extolled the merits of open relationships to him, the mischievous Nathan has used his devastating charm to disrupt the fragile relationship between Valentin and Bastien.

When Valentin, Bastien, Enzo and Sacha discover that they are all linked to Nathan in one way or another, the situation will become complicated, feelings will mix and major upheavals will occur.


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