Raphael Levy First Time

For his very first shooting, Raphael is welcomed by the handsome Hugo Duprés. Hardly had the two boys started kissing than Nathan Belair burst onto the stage and reproached Hugo for having taken his place to initiate the young beginner. Hugo and Nathan are each convinced that it was their turn to take care of the newbie and not being able to agree, they decide to have a threesome.

Raphael will therefore have the pleasure of taking care of Hugo and Nathan’s beautiful cocks, which he starts by sucking greedily. The two pornstars are very complicit and after a few hot foreplay, they take turns fucking Raphaël. The young twink begs for more and moans loudly as he gets penetrated even harder.

It’s then Hugo who will take over the management of operations by fucking Nathan and Raphaël in ping-pong. The handsome stallion enjoys these two little asses that he pounds vigorously before ending up dumping, together with Nathan, a good dose of cum on Raphael’s face.