Taking advantage that he’s in love with him, Enzo has made his roommate Yoann a real slave and does not care about his feelings. Will his docile roommate endure this submission for long?

Bastien finds it difficult to accept his ex Valentin’s in a relationship with Nathan, but he also seems to have feelings for Sacha and makes a remark to him.

While cleaning Enzo’s flat, Yoann makes a surprising discovery that worries him a lot. His colleague Valentin, to whom he shares his discovery, will be able to reassure him?

Sacha celebrates his birthday, but the atmosphere is rather tense because of the complicated relationship between Valentin, Bastien, Nathan and Enzo. Nathan for his part, decides to focus his attention on the handsome Hugo and after drinking several glasses, he dozes off for a few moments and has a memorable dream.

Sacha’s 20th birthday takes an even more dramatic turn when a police officer suddenly bursts into the Happy Twinks…