Zane Belville & Virgil Avedon

Virgil Avedon is interviewed by Jerome Exupery about the surprise he has for us today. Virgil will introduce a new boy called Zane Belville in his first-ever hardcore video. After undergoing a few training sessions together, it’s time to switch on the camera and show us the results of all their practice. Zane is not shy and immediately opens up before the action starts. When Jerome leaves the couple to themselves, they start to undress and then enjoy some oral and rimming foreplay. When Zane’s butt is ready, Virgil penetrates his ass and fucks him deep. Zane clearly loves bottoming and cums unexpectedly before Virgil throws him on his back and keeps fucking him until cumming as well. The action today is rather slow but Zane seems to enjoy every second of it.


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