Ethan, Hugo & Steve

Ethan O’Pry is preparing mulled wine in the kitchen when Hugo and Steve join him wrapped only in towels. They are super happy to see him as Ethan doesn’t come to Prague as often as he used to. After tasting the hot wine, they start to unwrap the present that Ethan has brought them. It’s yet another dildo!?!? What on earth is going on this year? Well, as it is a gift, it would be impolite not to try it. The couple have no present to give him in return so have to pay him back using other methods. Ethan’s pulsing cock makes it clear the thing he wants most of all.

Hugo and Steve start servicing their new friend’s dick before offering their butts for him to fuck or penetrate with the new dildo. Hugo and Steve are s sexually open couple and Ethan is happy to fulfill their secret Christmas wishes. Steve cums while riding Ethan’s dick just as Hugo climaxes whilst using the dildo, all the time watching his boyfriend being fucked by another hot guy. The session ends only when Ethan explodes over our newcomers’ faces. Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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