Dan Hilfiger & Tommy Clapton

Tommy Clapton meets Dan Hilfiger naked in the bathtub and pretty quickly things get hot and steamy. Dan is expecting a massage but Tommy has other ideas. Dan’s hard cock shows just how much he wants Tommy and he doesn’t have to wait long for his new partner to make a move. Tommy gives Dan a nice intense blowjob but expects something in return. Dan is one of the most unselfish lovers we have around at the moment and does his very best to meet all of Tommy’s needs. The couple fuck on the bathroom floor and against the wall in an incredibly sexy display. After Tommy cums while riding Dan’s dick, he makes sure that his partner produces a nice creamy load as well. It might seem a little uncomfortable to fuck on a tiled floor but who cares when you have a nice bubble butt to penetrate or a thick cock to ride. We are sure you all agree.


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