Dominic, Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf House Call

When Dominic let Dr. Wolf into the house for their private appointment, the sheer size and height of the dashing MD was such that he was obligated to duck just slightly when passing through the front door. Dr. Wolf beamed down on the boy with a warm, yet concerned smile.

If Dominic were being completely honest, his self esteem was at an all-time low. He had reached the maximum height and size that he was ever going to be—as dictated by Mother Nature.

To make matters even more challenging, his sexual orientation and desires strongly pulled towards big and tall older men. However, this demographic tended to steer well clear of potential underage companions—which Dominic certainly was not, despite his looks.

As Dominic stared up at Dr. Wolf, timid and essentially speechless, the thoughtful doctor took the young man by the chin, bent over and kissed him. Dominic was left astonished and feeling…desired. As he gazed up at the sexy giant he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

Doctor and patient were lost to lust and heated desire. Clearly no longer strictly business acquaintances, Dr. Wolf still had the natural professional instinct to conduct a hands-on physical examination. Except on this particular housecall, the examination was going to include lips, tongue, and his massive cock.

Dr. Wolf couldn’t wait to begin…