Neighborhood Secret, TAPE #12: Double Feature

Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bonds were not just long-time neighbors anymore; they had grown close enough that they considered themselves family. Lately, though, Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bonds hadn’t gotten to spend much time together as both were busy tending to the needs of their boys. When an opening eventually appeared in both their schedules, however, the two connected and decided to go to see some Saturday night flicks.

Brian’s nephew, Myott, took the opportunity to go hang out with Marcus, who was Tucker’s son of the same age. The two enjoyed one another’s company and decided to hang out and play video games while their dads spent the evening together.

As the night wore on, Myott and Marcus came up with a fun idea. They decided that, since they both were getting kinda horny, they would come up with a hot surprise for when their daddies finally came home.

The neighborly dads had no idea what they were about to walk into. Tucker let Brian into the house to pick up Myott and as they entered the living room the two men came to a sudden halt and gasped.

Their two little mischievous cherubs were in the living room buck-naked on the couch! With their asses sticking out, they both turned their heads to gaze with rehearsed coyness at their daddies. The two men gaped and drooled at the sight before them, as any man would!