The Professor, TAPE #5: Meeting the Assistant

Professor Snow was in a bit of a dilemma. He loved both his son Noah and his tall, gorgeous Teaching Assistant Cole Blue. But Adam also wanted to protect Noah, as his father was the only man that the boy had ever been with before. Noah was clearly still learning and growing as a sexual being.

But when Professor Snow, T.A. Cole, and youthful Noah found themselves together, all kinds of new carnal lessons came to the teacher’s mind. Noah went from nervous and shy to hot and horned up the instant he saw Cole grab his dad’s crotch—and the Professor was ready to teach him about his feelings!

Noah had never kissed a guy that wasn’t his father. The boy loved Cole’s firm, smooth, athletic build as he gingerly explored the older boy’s body over his clothes. Noah looked back at his father, suddenly unsure if what he was doing was okay. Professor Snow merely winked with encouragement.

Hours and hours passed that afternoon and into the evening as Cole and Professor Snow carnally initiated Noah into his first threesome.

Professor Snow was tickled beyond belief at how things quickly evolved that afternoon. Not just with his son’s continued sexual awakening and experience, but also with the fact that the gods found a way to make it possible for him to reunite with Cole and continue his relationship with Noah. As the ravenous professor sucked on Cole’s cock immediately after the T.A. twink fucked Noah’s ass, Professor Snow simultaneously drilled his son’s now well-fucked, gorgeous bottom…