Cole and Colton, TAPE #1: Silent Night

Christmas is right around the corner and high school senior Colton is ready for the break! The handsome, clean-cut youth is even more excited for a long-overdue visit from his older brother Cole. Cole has one more semester left in college and is coming home for the first time in almost six months. Colton simply can’t wait.

When the day finally arrived, Cole seemed genuinely happy to see his little brother and all of the rest of the family, but he also seemed a bit distracted. One night, Cole and Colton had an evening together alone wrapping Christmas presents…

After some deep conversation about family matters and how things were going at school, things suddenly took an unexpected turn. Cole confessed to his little brother that he had recently broken up with his long-time girlfriend. Turns out, Cole happens to be gay! And to the handsome twink’s sexy surprise, it just so happens that Colton had already figured it out on his own.

Colton had been carrying around a secret he’d kept to himself for years: he had accidentally found some of Cole’s gay porn magazines hidden in a forgotten drawer. Cole turned white as a sheet and nearly fainted with trepidation as Colton shared his secret.

Colton did not let up, though. The youngster quickly followed his first confession up with yet another one: he frequently touched himself thinking about Cole looking at the gay porn!

Next thing Colton knew, Cole whipped out his mammoth cock and silently dared his little bro to touch it—which he did!