Staying with Dad: Quiet Night In

After a long work and school week, Reece Scott and his twink son Hunter find themselves relaxing, watching tv on the couch. The nightly news broadcast might not be so hot these days, but rest assured that the smoking-hot sexual chemistry between the hunky dad and his pretty boy will turn their attention elsewhere!

Hunter would rather not dwell on the problems of the world. Instead, he turns to his father for comfort, affection, and lots of sexy seduction. Mr. Scott is more than happy to fill his son’s hunger for love with a passionate make out session followed by his huge DILF cock filling the boy’s mouth!

Father and son can’t get their clothes off fast enough. Hunter doesn’t ask or need permission from dad to yank out his thick, throbbing shaft. After the boy has licked, sucked, and kissed Mr. Scott’s hard-on to both of their satisfactions, the massively-hung DILF devours that tiny, twink bottom with feverish lust and need.

Hunter eventually climbs on top of Daddy’s lap and slowly sinks down on that foot-long schlong. Mr. Scott really gets off on the in-tune, nimble nature of his boy coupled with the lad’s enthusiasm and fervor.