Colton and Cole, TAPE #2: Bunk Mates

Colton’s brother Cole is home from school for Christmas. A late night brother-to-brother chat led to some awkward and surprising confessions, and then to brother-on-brother sex, with Cole popping Colton’s cherry.

Now, it’s the next morning. While Cole sleeps in the top bunk, Colton lays in the bottom bunk trying to wrap his brain around what had happened the night before, and stroking his morning wood with the hope that they might do it again.

He fears that Cole might not feel the same way, until he sees his brother’s own throbbing rod poking down through the slats of the top bunk. Colton reaches up to touch it, gently stroking the hard, fat pole that had thrust its way deep inside his own body last night. Touching quickly leads to sucking and then Cole climbs down out of the bed where his brother can have full access to his hard, sweet meat.

Cole wants his brother’s ass again, and Colton is more than ready to give it up. Cole gets Colton on his knees and starts eating his ass, working Colton’s hole deep in the way only an older brother can do. Cole is getting more-and-more turned on by Colton’s moaning, his hole twitching and trembling with hunger for his big brother’s dick. Colton stands up and offers his ass to his brother to fuck. Cole plows hard until he can’t hold back any longer and fills Colton up with his first brother load!