International Transfer, TAPE #3: The Boys

I went upstairs to see how the boys were getting along and found them getting into each other’s pants just fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Adam and I are best friends and we hoped our sons would be, too. I should have just said, “Glad to see you guys are getting along! Carry on.”

But… Damn! They were so cute.

I told them not to stop. I could have just stood there by the door and watched my son fuck Noah. I know that’s where things were headed, but I just had to get a closer look. Noah was looking up at me with wide-eyed expectation. Serg reached over and rubbed the bulge in my khakis. I knew he had already bragged to Noah about how big my cock is. I also knew that, besides his father, Noah almost certainly hadn’t seen any man naked in real life.

He wanted to see my cock, and I wanted to show it to him. I wanted to feel his trembling fingers reach out and touch it, not quite believing it was real. I thought that it wouldn’t be so terrible to let him see it. Touch it. Maybe, kiss it. That’s pretty harmless. Right?

I let the boys take my pants down. Noah’s eyes went huge. I had to take his hand and put it on my cock and, even with that, he still seemed like he couldn’t believe it was real. Serg started worshiping it like the center of his world that it has become, while I bent down to kiss Noah.