International Transfer, TAPE 4: Two at Once

Coach Eddie laid down on his back and my boy Noah climbed on top. I just sat back stroking my cock watching these two boys go at it until I realized that I had better get in there before Eddie busted a nut. I got down behind Noah and started sliding my way in. Damn, but he was tight! He was moaning with his head thrown back, almost yelling, really, but he didn’t say “no.”

We both fucked him for a little while; not as long as we wanted, but long enough to know we can do it again if he’ll let us. I pulled out and let Eddie have him first. He put Noah face down on the bed and started pumping him but it was no time until Eddie pulled out and shot cum all over Noah’s ass.

It was my turn and I was more than ready. I scooped up Eddie’s cum to lube my cock and rammed it in. When I bottomed out in my boy’s hole and realized that he was still fucking tight, I totally lost control! I know I’ve never fucked Noah that hard. I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anybody that hard. The bed was almost bouncing. I think the whole room might have been shaking. I just held him down, and plowed into him over-and-over until I came so hard my balls almost exploded.

We’ll be doing that again! I’m just wondering what other new tricks my little pup can learn.