International Transfer, TAPE #5: Father’s Day

They were not exactly surprised when their sons came in proudly carrying Father’s Day gift bags.

There wasn’t much about their sons that didn’t turn the two men on, but this adorable gesture of affection sent their lust into overdrive. Their eyes met and they knew exactly what they wanted to do. The gifts could wait. The gift these men wanted from their sons wasn’t in a bag.

They quickly pulled the sexy boys over their laps and just as quickly pulled those shorts off, revealing the cutest sexiest butts either man had ever seen.

The sight was too good to resist and both men dove between soft, firm cheeks, their tongues searching for tight sweet boy holes. Tongues were followed by fingers digging in deep and opening the boys up for the fat cocks that would be plundering those sexy holes soon. The obedient, horny, boys happily submitted to their father’s desires, arching their backs for better access, and voicing seductive moans of encouragement.